Performance Coaching

Red arrow breaking through a wall illustrating performance better than the grey arrows not making it through

Performance Coaching for Business Leaders is a specialization of BreitIdeas. We employ the proven methodology pioneered by Sir John Whitmore and detailed in his seminal work, "Coaching for Performance." BreitIdeas has selected this model based on in-depth research and many years of experience helping organizations achieve their goal of reaching the next level. All organizations can benefit from this regardless of size!

When a business wants to GROW the leadership team calls us! It can be difficult when you are "in the weeds", to see what the path going forward should be and the right steps to get there!

Performance Coaching Goals

The atmosphere of Business Management has changed dramatically!

--The Command and Control style of management has been proven to be less and less effective in the current workplace environment.

Whether your business is dealing with a "Generation Challenge", a Major Acquisition or simply trying to GROW employees organically, Performance Coaching offers amazing results!

Performance Coaching for Business Leaders applies to:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Change
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Merging Corporate Cultures
  • Individual Growth

Your talent is already there, BreitIdeas helps you enhance and channel it!

Goal setting is the first step in understanding what improvement is needed.

Reality is gaining a complete picture of all of the variables from the past, present and future to understand the challenges facing the coachee.

Options are defining the different ways the coachee can achieve their goal.

Way forward is putting together a plan that the coachee will embrace in order to improve their future.

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